Eddy Link

The Link is a perfect complement to existing meters – for residential, multi-dwelling, and commercial applications.

The Eddy Link includes an easy to install, LoRa enabled electronic component combined with a valve that enables remote and automatic shutoff. The Eddy Link enables the advantages of real-time digital communication and analytics of meters readings by combining a shutoff valve with a communications tool.

The Eddy Link acts as a conduit between the meter data and the shutoff valve as well as any associated sensors with the system. Whether through Modbus or pulse reading, the Link can read real time consumption data, gain insights from that data, and be able to trigger alerts, remote and automatic shutoff, as well as maintenance activities.

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This technology is not dependent on a WiFi or cellular signal. Rather, data is being transferred via a LoRa module to the cloud and wired sensors ensure a shutoff will happen regardless of WiFi or cellular connectivity, as well as in the event of a power outage.

Benefits of the Link

How it works